We carry TOAKS titanium cookware because we think TOAKS offers the best value and widest range of products in the backcountry kitchen market. 

We're also backcountry hikers and paddlers, so we know that everyone is looking for something different. Something specific to your unique situation and needs. We're the exact same way. 

So, we've decided to offer our customers the same customizations that we've made to our own cookware with our Mod Your Pot services.

When you buy a TOAKS pot from us, you can have us modify your pot in one of three ways:

1. Insulate the pot and lid handles with high-temperature insulating rubber. We use a multi-dip process and have the viscosity, temperature, speed, dry time, and coverage limits all dialed in for great results. Insulated handles add approximately 2.5 grams to the weight of the pot.

2. Add strainer holes to the pot lid. We add two rows of holes to the edge of your pot lid (7 holes in each row for pots with a 95mm diameter; more for larger pots) to make draining pasta much easier. This will result in some minor scuffing around the holes where we file and sand away the burrs left from the drilling process.

3. Add a pour spout to the pot rim. We have made custom dies to press a shallow pour spout into the rim of any TOAKS pot. The spout is low profile so that it doesn't meaningfully increase the size of your pot and doesn't damage the rolled rim, but still properly directs the flow of water. 

We charge $7 for each modification, or $19 for all three. That means you can buy a TOAKS 750 ml pot and get all of the modifications for about $45 . . . which is still $25 less than an MSR Titan kettle with an insulated lid handle and pour spout, but without insulated pot handles or strainer holes. Sweet!

What do you need to know?

TOAKS has an excellent lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship. Adding the strainer holes will void the warranty on the lid and adding the spout will void the warranty on the pot. 

Adding the insulating rubber to the handles doesn't alter the warranty and the insulation can easily be removed with a sharp knife if you decide that you want to do so for any reason. 

So, when should you NOT get the modifications?

DO NOT get the handle insulation if you cook over an open fire, coals, or a twig wood stove. The temperatures of those heat sources can get hot enough to damage the insulation. Alcohol, solid fuel, isobutane, propane, and white gas stoves are all fine. If you do scorch the insulation over a hot fire or with a stove, don't worry - it peels off easily once you get it started with a sharp knife. 

If you don't cook pasta or other foods that need to be strained . . . don't get the strainer holes. :-)

What do we recommend?

Whatever works best for you! Think about how you use your pots in the backcountry and get the mods that fit your style.

Personally, I have insulation and a pour spout on my Toaks 650 ml and 750 ml pots for solo travel. We have insulation, a spout, and the strainer holes on our larger 1300 ml pot, since that one is used to make pasta for kiddos who may or may not be picky eaters.