Speed Deck Spray Covers


Speed Deck Spray Covers

Product description

Our Pro-boat Speed Decks are made for fast and light paddling, whether that's racing, winter training, or paddling in any situation where you want to deflect water or keep the sun and paddle drips off your legs. Specifically designed for narrow-gunwale USCA 3x27 "Pro-boat" racing canoes, they're designed with racers in mind:

  • HyperD 300 diamond-grid ripstop polyester fabric is durable, waterproof, and lightweight.
  • Velcro attachment is low-profile, doesn't require drilling holes or making modifications to your boat, and avoids snaps that could damage other boats when rubbing rails in tight packs.
  • Arched battens in the bow and stern lap decks shed water and prevent pooling.
  • Knee pockets are cut to allow free leg movement, but sculpted to avoid water pooling.
  • A 4-piece lap transition offers a comfortable, tapered fit to shed water and minimize excess fabric.
  • The stretch waistband adjusts to provide about 4-inches of comfortable, forward movement without drawcords or zippers.
  • Webbing grab-loops at each corner make removing the deck to exit the boat or access gear a quick, one-handed task.

Each Speed Deck is custom-made to ensure a perfect fit for your boat and normal seat position. To custom fit your deck, simply measure these distances:

  1. The distance from the front edge of the opening that the Speed Deck should cover to the front edge of the seat in its normal paddling position. Do not add any distance for the width of the Velcro at the front edge. If you want a bow cover to go all the way to the front of the boat, measure from the tip of the bow to the front edge of the bow seat. 
  2. The width between the outer edges of the gunwales at the front edge of the Speed Deck.
  3. The width between the outer edges of the gunwales at the front edge of your seat in its normal paddling position. 

To keep our deck prices as low as possible, we do NOT usually ship them with the adhesive-backed loop Velcro that is placed on the boat. If you need the adhesive loop Velcro for your boat, be sure to select it when you place your order.