The Original Bag Lady Canoe Cover
The Original Bag Lady Canoe Cover $249.00
IF YOUR CANOE PATTERN IS NOT LISTED IN THE DROP-DOWN OPTIONS, DON'T WORRY!  While we have many patterns for many canoes, there are always many more that we don't have. Contact us at or (906) 451-4539 and we'll send you a measurement guide so that we can make a custom-fit cover for your boat. Before ordering a WeatherMax 3D cover, please read this statement about minor cosmetic flaws in WeatherMax 3D fabric. The link will open in a new window, so you will not lose any information you've already selected on this product page.  _________________________________   Original Bag Lady canoe covers have been the standard for over 42 years and have protected the life and appearance of thousands of canoes in that time. Bag Lady covers protect the hull of your canoe from UV damage, fading, bugs, scratches, stone chips, and more when you're transporting or storing your canoe. Previous owners attest to the benefits of protecting their canoes with the one and only Bag Lady canoe covers, reporting: Less darkening and aging of Kevlar Less blushing, milking, and yellowing of epoxy Less oxidation and fading of fiberglass gelcoat Less fading of Royalex Less wear on wood canvas and cedar strip boats Less required maintenance Higher resale values Bag Lady canoe covers are unequaled in durability and workmanship, offering a unique closure system, an impeccable fit, and top quality, Made-In-The-USA fabrics to protect your canoe. They are all made in our family sewing loft in Skandia, Michigan. Original Bag Lady canoe covers are ONLY available directly from RedLeaf Designs. Beware of imitations and look for the RedLeaf Designs logo on your canoe cover! Bow-first or Stern-first? Bow-first covers are our most popular option, but if you carry your boat backward (stern-first) on your car, we recommend getting a stern-first cover. A stern-first cover is sewn in reverse, enclosing stern of the boat rather than the bow so that it faces into the wind properly while driving.  Carrying Thwart Location We have the factory spec location for the front carrying handle / thwart on all of our cover patterns. Unfortunately, because of the way the gunwales taper at the bow, a carrying thwart that's 1/2" wider or narrower than the factory specification can move many inches forward or backward, especially in long, narrow racing canoes and solo boats. Thwarts may also be in non-spec locations due to after market outfitting, restorations, custom orders, or specifications that changed at the factory over time.To ensure that the slit for your carrying thwart or handle is in exactly the right place on your cover, we encourage you to measure from the tip of the bow to the center of the carrying handle and include that information in your order.  We can also use the factory specified location that we have on file, though we can't guarantee that it will be perfect for your boat.  Why Polyester? Our most popular and budget-minded fabric is a durable, stretch polyester double-knit. It's long-wearing and great for general protection from UV damage, road dirt, bugs, strap-rub, etc. This is the fabric that you probably have in mind when you think of a Bag Lady canoe cover. ​Note that polyester is not waterproof or water-resistant. This isn't a problem for most Royalex, fiberglass, carbon, or Kevlar boats since the fabric breathes very well and dries quickly: water won't damage most canoes.  ​However, you may want to consider WeatherMAX 3D fabric if you have a wood-canvas canoe, oiled wood gunwales or trim, or store your boat outdoors in places with lots of sun or harsh winters. Polyester also fades quickly in the sun, but we still think it's a great material for a cover. We use a premium polyester fabric that's thick and will give you many, many years of service even though the outside of the fabric will fade.  Why WeatherMax 3D? WeatherMax 3D is a premium outdoor fabric that offers the same, form-fitting stretch and exceptional fit of polyester, with a number of additional benefits: Water-resistant and breathable Blocks 99% of UV light for long-term UV resistance Exceptionally color-fade resistant HydroMax finish for dirt and mildew resistance 100% pigment solution-dyed SaturaMax fibers It's the ultimate canoe cover fabric and will protect even the most sensitive wood and canvas and oiled wood trim canoes, while still offering the exceptional fit that comes with stretch material.  While our premium polyester has been the mainstay of the Bag Lady canoe covers for the past 40+ years, we think that WeatherMax 3D will change that very quickly. The additional cost of a WeatherMax 3D cover is well worth the investment if you want the best possible protection or your canoe is stored outdoors. Before ordering a WeatherMax 3D cover, please read this statement about minor cosmetic flaws in WeatherMax 3D fabric. The link will open in a new window, so you will not lose any information you've already selected on this product page.  Multi-color Polyester Covers Premium polyester fabric is available in a limited range of colors which can be combined in a multi-color cover. We offer two "standard" multi-color patterns. If you'd like a different pattern, we may be able to make unique patterns during the winter if our workload allows. The "Bow Stripe" pattern has three panels, each of which can be a different color. The "End Stripes" pattern also has three panels, each of which can be a different color.  Pricing The base price for a canoe cover is $249 in premium polyester or $349 in WeatherMax 3D. Covers may cost more for canoes longer than 18'6", with hull measurements larger than 54", with recurved sterns requiring a special closure, or with other special design requests, including stern-first construction and multi-color covers.  Delivery Time Bag Lady canoe covers are made-to-order. In the winter, we're often able to begin working on your cover within a day or two and ship it within a week. During the busy spring and summer paddling seasons, we're often running a month or so out on orders. Check the home page for our current lead time, as well as any in-stock covers that are immediately available.
Canoe Coat
Canoe Coat $319.00
The Canoe Coat is the best outdoor storage protection you can get for your canoe. Made from durable, UV- and water-resistant Sunbrella fabric, the best marine-grade fabric available, the Canoe Coat is custom sewn to cover your canoe’s hull and secures with quick-release hooks and bungies. Installation and removal are quick and easy, taking about 60 seconds for one person.Sunbrella fabric carries a 10-year warranty against fading and UV damage and is the leading fabric in the marine industry. It blocks 100% of UV light, is very water resistant, and is breathable to allow moisture and heat to escape. It’s the best protection you can get for your canoe and is the same fabric we use for our Ultimate Covers for kayaks, surf skis, and outrigger canoes. If you store your boat outdoors, especially if it has wood gunwales or is a beloved wood and canvas boat, or you want the best protection and long-term value in a canoe cover, the Canoe Coat is what we recommend. Canoes that are stored outdoors get most of their UV exposure and damage when in storage. These covers are definitely the most effective and long-lasting way to protect them. Note that the Canoe Coat is NOT a travel cover. If you would like a canoe cover that’s safe for transport up to highway speeds, please see our Original Bag Lady Canoe Covers. Should I get the optional padding? A padded Canoe Coat offers an extra level of protection against bumps and scrapes when your canoe is on the storage rack, especially if your canoe is stored in a club or other public location with other boats. Note that the padding can collect dirt, grit, and moisture, so it does require some extra care. We don’t recommend the padding if your boat is stored outdoors for the winter in a place with prolonged temperatures below freezing and you use your boat during the colder seasons - the padding can freeze to the boat hull and tear if you try to remove it when it's still frozen. My canoe isn't listed in the Manufacturer or Model drop down. What do I do? Don't worry! We make all of our patterns from measurements and don't need your boat in the shop to make a perfect cover. Just contact us by email at or by phone at +1 (906) 451-4539 and we can send you a measurement packet that walks you through the measurements we need, step-by-step. Can I get a Canoe Coat for my kayak, surf ski, or outrigger canoe? We don’t offer Canoe Coats for kayaks, surf skis, or outrigger canoes, but do make the Ultimate Cover for those boats. The Ultimate Cover is a durable long-term outdoor storage and transportation cover made from the same custom-fit, marine-grade Sunbrella fabric and featuring full coverage and a full-length marine #10 zipper. The Ultimate Cover is the highest level of storage and transport protection you can get for your kayak, surf ski, or outrigger canoe.
USCA C1 Ultimate Cover $350.00
The Ultimate Cover is the best travel and storage protection that you can get for your USCA C1 canoe. Sunbrella marine canvas blocks UV and lasts for a decade or more, even in full-time, tropical sun, while the fully enclosed, full-zip design protects your boat from sunlight, bugs, dirt, and zombies*. We've been sewing full-zip Ultimate Covers for kayaks, surf skis, and outrigger canoes for years, and we're excited to release them for USCA C1s, too. Please note that they're ONLY available for USCA C1s because the gunwales are so narrow. Most other canoes have gunwales that are too far apart to support the fabric during highway travel and are not compatible with the Ultimate Cover design.  Please note that a canoe with an Ultimate Cover should be kept upside down during transport and outdoor storage so that it sheds water.  If your USCA C1 is not listed in the drop down, don't worry - we just don't have the measurements needed to make the Ultimate Cover for it, yet. Contact us and we'll send you a measurement packet.  *The USCA C1 Ultimate Cover is zombie-resistant, but not zombie-proof and should not be used as an emergency shelter during a zombie emergency event. Zombies can't swim and we recommend that you go paddling.