Padded Paddle Case
Padded Paddle Case $60.00
Our padded, durable paddle cases are like Fort Knox for your canoe and kayak paddles. Made from a durable, breathable WeatherMax LT fabric exterior and padded with quilted polyester lining, these cases protect your paddles from more than the casual bumps and drops. Each case will hold two canoe paddles or one two-piece kayak paddle in compartments separated by a quilted and padded divider. If you don't mind your paddles sharing compartments, they'll hold four canoe paddles or two two-piece kayak paddles.  The cases have a convenient, balanced carrying handle, a secure Velcro closure, and hold paddles narrower than 12”. The case size indicates the longest paddle they will hold; if you have a 56" paddle, the 56" paddle case will comfortably protect it with a bit more than an inch to spare.Personally, we keep our primary and spare paddles for solo paddling in one of these cases and a second case with our tandem paddles in it.  Details: Shell:  WeatherMax LT Padding and lining: Quilted polyester  Trim:  Polyester binding Other: Velcro closure and webbing handle Note: If you want to keep your paddles safe from scratches and bumps in your car, but think that our padded paddle cases are more than you need, click here to learn about our lighter, premium polyester paddle socks.
Paddle Sock
Paddle Sock from $20.00
We know how much a good paddle costs. We also know that most paddles get far more wear and tear in the trunk of your car than they do on the water. Our paddle socks are made to protect your paddles from those off-the-water scratches, bumps, and bruises.They’re crafted from the same 9 oz double-knit premium polyester as our legendary canoe and kayak covers and are offered in a variety of sizes to ensure a trim, sleek fit. The closure is a simple captive flap that's secure, easy to use, and incredibly reliable. They’re simple. They’re durable. They protect your $350 paddle. What more can you ask for? (Actually, if you do want more, you can ask for our padded, 1000D paddle cases, designed to hold 2-4 canoe paddles or 1-2 two-piece kayak paddles. Click here to learn more about them.) Details: 9 oz. double-knit, premium polyester Fastener-less, captive flap closure Sleek fit Options: Modern Paddle Style in <52”, 52-56”, and 56-60” (max blade size 20”x9.5”) The "Random" Color Selection: Our "Random" color paddle socks are made from canoe and kayak cover off-cuts, reducing waste and minimizing our material cost. They may be a solid color or they may be multiple colors - we don't know until we start sewing them. We try to combine colors that go well together and appreciate your willingness to save a few dollars while helping us use as much of our premium polyester material as possible.
Stern Flag
Stern Flag $12.00
BUY 2 OR MORE STERN FLAGS AND GET A BUNDLED PRICE OF $10 PER FLAG.  Our stern flags are made from 1-1/2 inch webbing with bound and reinforced ends and a 3/4" webbing attachment loop for durability. They can be attached to a rudder, stern handle, carrying thwart, pad-eye, or anything else that the attachment loop will slip through.  Length of red webbing: 30 inchesLength of attachment loop: 10 inchesTotal length: 40 inches