Made-To-Order Custom Gear

When you place an order for custom-sewn gear, including canoe and kayak storage and transport covers and spray decks, you will select a production date for each custom item.

The production date is the beginning of the week in which your gear will be cut and begin the production process. It will usually ship about 10 to 14 days later.

This system helps us manage our shop workload and ensures that you have an accurate expectation for delivery at the time you place your order.

  • Production dates disappear from the selection list when all slots are filled.
  • Different items have different production processes, so you may see earlier dates available for some items, but not for others.
  • If you place a single order for multiple items with different production dates, we will ship all items together when the last one is ready.
  • If you would like each item to ship as soon as it's ready, please place separate orders with separate shipping selections.

Stock Gear

We do our best to keep the website inventory up to date for stock items. If an item shows as "in stock" and you do NOT have to select a Production Date when ordering, it should be available to ship immediately.

Please note that if you place a single order for stock items and custom items, all items will ship together when the custom items are ready. If you would like the stock items shipped immediately, please place a separate order with separate shipping.


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