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You will hear from Jeremy or Cassandra and it often takes 3 to 5 business days for us to catch up on email messages. Your patience is appreciated!


+1 906-451-4539

Our business number forwards to the shop phone and Jeremy's mobile. You might have to listen to us sew while we chat, but we'd love to talk to you.


RedLeaf Designs
PO Box 6
Skandia, MI 49885

Write it on paper, lick an envelope, and put a stamp on it, if you prefer!

We genuinely welcome and appreciate all feedback, especially if you have suggestions for improving our products, our process, or your customer experience.

We also recognize that we're a small company and sometimes have to choose between answering emails and sewing orders. We apologize for any frustration that causes and greatly appreciate your patience with our reply times. If you don't hear back within 5 business days, please send us a reminder!

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