Kruger Sea Wind Spray Cover

$400.00 USD

Kruger Sea Wind Spray Cover

$400.00 USD
Product description

The legend of Verlen Kruger is equaled only by the legend of his unmatched expedition canoes. 

The Sea Wind is Verlen's exceptional decked solo canoe and we are proud to offer a  Sea Wind spray deck that combines the same, Aqualon Edge fabric that Verlen used with an updated, modernized body tunnel. 

We offer the Sea Wind spray deck in blue, charcoal grey, forest green, and red. 

If you select the option to include stainless steel snap buttons with your cover, we will attach the buttons to the cover (4 per side) and send a set of 8 stainless snap studs, rivets, and washers that you will need to install on your cockpit coaming. 

Note that our spray covers do not come with the arched battens that connect to the Sea Wind cockpit coaming. If you no longer have the battens, we can sew four HDPE battens and tensioning straps into the underside of the deck. 

The Modern Spray Tunnel

Verlen's original spray tunnel design had two zippers on the front sides of the tunnel, a bungee draw cord around the top, and used the same marine-grade Aqualon Edge fabric as the deck. While it is a time tested design, it can be difficult to get out of in a capsize and the heavy weight fabric can be uncomfortable against the body. 

We have updated the spray tunnel by combining the original Sea Wind spray deck  with the anatomic tunnels that we use on our Expedition canoe spray decks. The tunnels are fitted so that they contour over your knees and lap, include short battens to keep the lap section from inverting and collecting water, and roll away for warm days when you want the spray deck body, but don't want a tunnel around your torso. 

The modern tunnel also has a front seam secured with 2" Velcro that can be released quickly with a reinforced rip-tab, facilitating a quick exit in the event of a capsize. 

We find the modern tunnel to be safer, more comfortable, and equally durable and sea worthy compared to the original.

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