Expedition Spray Decks - Solo Canoes


Expedition Spray Decks - Solo Canoes

Product description

If you don't see your solo canoe make and model listed in the ordering options, don't worry! Just contact us at hello@redleafdesigns.com so that we can send you a measurement packet. Once we have your boat's measurements, we'll add it to the list. 

Please take a moment to read this short blog post about how to choose between adhesive SNAD snaps and drilled-and-riveted snaps before you place an order. 


Our Expedition Canoe Spray Decks are made to protect you, your canoe, and your gear from sun, waves, and wind on even the most extended expedition. Each spray deck is made to order, ensuring a perfect, custom fit and offering all the options and features you need.

The decks are made from marine-grade, 8.75 oz Aqualon Edge fabric, making them waterproof, durable, UV-resistant, and long lasting. If you're paddling open water or on epic expeditions, they won't let you down, but are also light enough to portage without a second thought. A fully outfitted tandem expedition deck with attachment hardware weighs about 5 pounds. 

All expedition spray decks feature three-panel, fitted tunnels that avoid excess, baggy fabric. The anatomically contoured tunnels close with 2" Velcro and have two removable side battens to keep the fabric off of your lap and prevent water from pooling. The tunnels on expedition spray covers are made from waterproof 400D ripstop polyester, ensuring both comfort and durability. 

 Two attachment options give you flexibility in mounting the cover to your canoe:

  1. A pure snap system is low profile, durable, and simple. The snaps are mounted directly to the edge of the cover and the studs are attached to your boat about 1" below the gunwales. The gunwales provides protection to prevent obstacles, your paddle, or your hands from scraping the snaps while paddling. The cover's tension and position are fixed and permanent once you've mounted the snap studs on your boat. You can choose between riveting snap studs to your boat or using YKK SNAD adhesive studs. 
  2. Our hybrid snap-and-lace system, which uses snaps to attach a lacing system to the canoe. In what we think is a best-of-both-worlds approach, this system gives you the quick and easy on-off of a snap system along with the flexibility in tensioning and loading of a lacing system. Because the snaps are about 5 to 6 inches below your gunwales, they are more exposed and less protected than a pure snap system mounted just under the gunwales. You can choose between riveting stainless snap studs to your boat hull or using YKK SNAD snap studs that attach with 3M VHB (Very High Bond) adhesive. 

All options are "standard":

  • 1000D Cordura-reinforced gunwales
  • Anatomic, fitted spray tunnels with 2-inch Velcro closures, knee battens, and roll-away stowage
  • Bow and stern painter line hold-downs
  • Two spare paddle parks (one each on bow and stern sections for a C1 spray deck)
  • Map case D-rings
  • Three-piece construction

If you're looking for a tandem canoe spray deck, see our Expedition Spray Decks for tandem canoes.