Paddle Pocket
Paddle Pocket $20.00
Made from durable ripstop polyester and marine mesh, Paddle Pockets attach to the side of your hull with 1” adhesive Velcro and give you a place to park your canoe paddle blade. Combine them with one of our thwart Tether Tabs to secure the paddle shaft and you’ll be able to paddle and portage with securely housed paddles. The standard Paddle Pocket will hold paddles up to 8" wide, while the wide version will accept 9" blades. If you would like a replacement set of attachment strips or would like to use one Paddle Pocket in multiple boats, you can order additional 1" wide x 13" long adhesive loop velcro strips here.
Tether Tabs
Tether Tabs $9.95
Tether Tabs are one of our secret weapons for ninja-like portages and clean, organized paddling. They'll securely hold painter lines, paddle shafts, fishing rods (and more!) to your boat's thwarts or end decks. The RedLeaf Gang typically have 4 on each of our canoes - a set at the bow and stern for our painter lines and another set on the mid-ship thwarts to hold the shafts of our paddles (combined with snug, blade-cradling Paddle Pockets for the win). They wrap around your thwarts with 1-1/2" Velcro and are held securely in place with a non-slip pad on the underside. The hold fast is a bungie-and-ball system that's easy to release with a quick tug on the 1" webbing release tab (witness the magic in our video below!). They easily fit on 2-1/2" wide wood thwarts and can be trimmed to snugly fit round aluminum thwarts, too. Own a scuppered, wooden end deck without a carrying thwart like those found on Northstar and Bell canoes? No worries! We make a special 1" wide version just for you. Click here to purchase a Tether Tab and Blade Pocket paddle storage system as a bundle.
Canoe Seat Pad
Canoe Seat Pad from $35.00
Spend more time in your canoe while enjoying the luxury of a plush and comfortable seat pad. Two sizes to fit almost any caned or woven canoe seat. Ideal for: Covering more miles Staying comfortable in the boat during long days Epic adventures
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