TOAKS Titanium 1600 Pot with Pan

$54.95 USD $59.95 -9% OFF

TOAKS Titanium 1600 Pot with Pan

$54.95 USD $59.95 -9% OFF
Product description

At just 8.2 oz. (231 g), the titanium 1600 ml pot with lid is ready to serve gourmet meals for up to 4 people in the backcountry. The lid can be used as a fry or sauce pan so that you can whip up a delicious multi-pot meal with ease. 


  • Titanium construction resists corrosion, withstands high temperatures, and eliminates aftertastes
  • Does not use any coatings or plastics
  • Handles are ergonomically shaped and fold away for compact storage
  • The pan can serve as a lid, a double-boiler, a sauce pan, or a fry pan
  • The titanium pan has a locking handle
  • Includes a stretch mesh storage sack

The 1600 ml pot is one of the workhorses in the TOAKS pot lineup and the addition of a pan lid makes this cookset incredibly versatile. It will nest with any TOAKS stove, pot, or bowl equal to or smaller than the 1300 ml D130 pot. It's also a gourmet backcountry chef's dream, making multiple pot meals a breeze and even serving as a double boiler when you feel like pairing chocolate fondue with those fresh wild strawberries you found on day 6 of your backpacking trip.

Technical Specs

Material: Titanium
Weight (pot only): 5.6 oz. (158 g)
Weight (pot with lid): 8.2 oz. (231 g)
Capacity: Pot: 54.1 fl. oz. (1600 ml / 1750 ml if filled to the top)
Pan: 16.5 fl. oz. (490 ml filled to the top)
External Dimensions (handles folded, lid on): Pot: 5.75" (145 mm) diameter x 4.125" (106 mm) height 
Pan: 5.625" (142 mm) diameter x 1.25" (31 mm) height 
Stamped Graduation: Yes (fluid ounces and milliliters)
Includes: Pot, pan, mesh storage sack
Model Number: CKW-1600

Nesting Information 

Nesting category:

D145 (145 mm diameter)

Nests inside the pot:

TOAKS 375 ml Double Wall Cup
TOAKS Titanium Wood Burning Stove - Small (without lid on pot)
TOAKS 900 ml D115 Pot
TOAKS 1100 ml Pot
TOAKS 1200 ml Pot
TOAKS 1300 ml D130 Pot

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