TOAKS Titanium Alcohol Stove Pot Stand

$19.95 USD $29.95 -34% OFF

TOAKS Titanium Alcohol Stove Pot Stand

$19.95 USD $29.95 -34% OFF
Product description

The TOAKS titanium pot stand completes your stove system, combining an effective windscreen with a secure stand for your TOAKS cook pot, all for 1.2 oz or less in weight.


  • Titanium construction resists corrosion and withstands high temperatures
  • Ensures the most efficient stove-to-pot distance
  • Provides a secure platform for the pot
  • Can be used with three sections for D95 pots (including the 550, 650, and 750 ml pots) or 4 sections for larger pots

The 4 curved pieces of the titanium pot stand nest together in the included ultralight storage sack and weigh only 1.2 oz (34 g). Simply insert the tabs into the holes from the outside of the curve to assemble this combination pot stand and windscreen.

Please note that the stove and pot shown in the pictures are sold separately.

Technical Specs

Material: Titanium
Weight: 1.2 oz. (34 g) for 4 panels
3" (76 mm) x 3" (76 mm) per piece; 3" high when assembled
Includes: Alcohol Stove Pot Stand (4 panels), lightweight storage sack
Model Number: FRM-02
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