Your Canoe Coat is made from Sunbrella Marine canvas, the industry standard for exceptional outdoor marine covers. Sunbrella Marine canvas is UV resistant, water resistant, and breathable.

The Canoe Coat is designed to easily slip on and off the up-turned boat hull. Each Canoe Coat is made to fit a specific boat make and model; the make and model, along with the date that it was sewn, is written on the inside of the cover behind the RedLeaf Designs label.


To install it, unfold the Canoe Coat and look at the ends of the cover. Each end has a small webbing loop. The stern of the cover will have a red webbing loop and the RedLeaf Designs label. 

Orient the cover so the stern of the Canoe Coat is at the stern of the boat, then simply place the cover over the upside-down hull. 

When installed, it will be a few inches longer than your canoe and the sides of the Canoe Coat will hang a few inches lower than your gunwales. 

To secure the Canoe Coat, fasten the buckles and tighten the straps. 

Note that the Canoe Coat is NOT suitable for transportation or travel. It is a storage cover, only. 

Care, Cleaning, and Maintenance

Regular care and maintenance of your Canoe Coat will ensure that it protects your canoe for many years while looking and performing at its best. We recommend cleaning your Canoe Coat at least once per year, or more often if it gets dirty or you notice that that it has lost some of its water repellancy. 

For the most current Sunbrella care and cleaning instructions, please see the care  instructions on the Sunbrella Fabrics website, here:

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