Your Ultimate Cover is made from Sunbrella Marine canvas, the industry standard for exceptional outdoor marine covers. Sunbrella Marine canvas is UV resistant, water resistant, and breathable.

The Ultimate Cover is easy to put on and take off of your kayak, surf ski, or outrigger canoe, featuring a full-length zipper. Each Ultimate Cover is made to fit a specific boat make and model; the make and model, along with the date that it was sewn, is written on the inside of the cover behind the RedLeaf Designs label.


To install it, unfold the Ultimate Cover and look at the ends of the cover. The bow of the cover has a webbing tab and a reinforced D-ring. When zipped closed, the zipper slider is at the stern of the cover; when unzipped, the zipper slider is at the bow of the cover. 

Unzip the cover and place it on the ground. Set the boat on the cover with the bow of the boat oriented to the bow of the cover, then slip the bow of the boat into the small pocket at the bow of the cover. 

If you have an under stern rudder, make sure it is inserted through the under stern rudder slot sewn into the cover.

Fold the sides of the cover over the boat and close the zipper. If the zipper slider doesn't move easily, you may need to push the boat forward into the cover and bring the sides of the cover closer together. 

Depending on your boat's outfitting, you may have a velcro flap on the stern to accommodate a rudder or carrying handle. If so, secure the flap after the cover is zipped closed. 

When installed, the cover will be a few inches longer than your boat and have about an inch of excess fabric in circumference. 


To take the cover off the boat, set the boat and cover on the ground, open any Velcro stern flaps that may be present, and unzip the cover. Once the cover is fully open and unzipped, simply lift the boat from the cover. 


Your Ultimate Cover is designed to be used for transportation at highway speeds. The custom fit will minimize excess fabric and no straps, velcro or other methods are needed to tighten the fit of the cover. The minimal amount of excess fabric will not flap during travel. 

Take care to properly secure your boat. Movement will abrade and wear the fabric. Be sure that your boat, rack, and tie down straps are all secure. If the boat can wiggle on the rack, a strap is vibrating or flapping against the cover, or the rack can move under the boat, that movement will wear through any fabric, including Sunbrella. 

Sand, dirt, and grit trapped between the cover and your hull can scuff and scratch your boat, especially under your straps and where your rack fittings contact the boat. Ensure that the boat hull and the inside of the cover are clean before putting the boat in the cover for transport. 

Do not use webbing handles as tie down points for transportation. 

The reinforced bow D-ring can be used as a bow line tie down point, but should not be highly tensioned or relied on as a primary method of securing the boat. In the event of an accident, rack failure, or other emergency situation, the fabric and stitching should not be expected to support the load of a loose boat. 

General Tips

If you transport or store your kayak upright, use a waterproof cockpit cover underneath your Ultimate Cover if you expect rain. Remember that Sunbrella is water-resistant but not water proof and that our zippers are not waterproof. 

If you transport or store your surf ski or outrigger canoe upright, you can open the cockpit bailer part way to let water drain. 

Any water that collects in the bottom of the cover will eventually escape through the breathable fabric, but selecting the optional drains will minimize the amount of water that can collect inside an upright cover.

If you store or transport your boat upside down, any water will quickly escape through the zipper and the drains are not needed.

Care, Cleaning, and Maintenance

Regular care and maintenance of your Ultimate Cover will ensure that it protects your canoe for many years while looking and performing at its best. We recommend cleaning your Ultimate Cover at least once per year, or more often if it gets dirty or you notice that that it has lost some of its water repellancy. 

For the most current Sunbrella care and cleaning instructions, please see the care  instructions on the Sunbrella Fabrics website, here:

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