We love WeatherMax 3D for its UV- and weather-resistance and think that it's the best stretch material available for canoe covers. 

Unfortunately, we have found that getting a canoe-length piece of WeatherMax 3D without any cosmetic flaws is challenging. We've worked closely with both our fabric supplier and the fabric manufacturer (Safety Components / Elevate Textiles) to report the issues we have found, but the nature of the fabric production process makes it difficult to get flawless fabric in the lengths that we need.

We have decided to continue using WeatherMax 3D despite these flaws because:

  1. We have not found another marine-grade, solution-dyed acrylic fabric woven in a stretch pattern. 
  2. All of the flaws are minor cosmetic flaws that don't affect the function, performance, or lifespan of the cover.
  3. The flaws are so small that they aren't visible unless you're within arm's reach of the fabric and aren't noticeable when you're further away.

When you order a WeatherMax 3D cover, you can expect to receive a fully functional cover that may have minor cosmetic flaws.

There are two types of flaws that we see:

Weaving Flaws


Weaving flaws are cosmetic bunches or runs of fibers. In this photo, there's a small bunch of fibers with a small run extending from it. We have not seen any issues with fabric integrity or durability as a result of these flaws. The fabric manufacturer tells us that they happen when the fiber is fired across the width of the fabric by a jet of compressed air during the weaving process and gets bunched mid-fabric. 

Surface Stains

Small, dark stains are caused by the fabric handling process in the manufacturing plant. They usually don't go through to the other side of the fabric and are generally small splatters on one side of the fabric. When we notice these stains during pattern cutting, we lay the fabric so that they are on the inside of the cover when the cover is on your boat but can't guarantee that there won't be any on the outside surface. The stains are permanent and we have not been able to remove them from the fabric. They will not transfer to or discolor your boat in any way. 

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